WIA Series delay

I’m sorry that I haven’t continued my WIA series yet. I have been quite busy with my classes this quarter. Ill try an get some time in this weekend to work on the next article, so I might be able to get it posted next week some time.

Next week’s article should cover setting properties for your scanner including DPI and switching between color and black and white modes as well as getting other information from the scanner.

Update: Ill be getting to the new WIA article in short oder. This last quarter was very busy so I apologize for taking so long.

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An intro to WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) in C# (Part 1)

Windows Image Acquisition is a platform for accessing images from cameras, scanners, and webcams. Recently I’ve been working on a project that involves a scanner. As it turns out for basic use WIA is very easy to use, however once you attempt to do more advanced things the friendly resources begin to dwindle leaving you with the cold emotionlessness of MSDN. However, this being my first major project I refused to give up and finally found out how to do almost everything I wanted to do. In this post, the first of this series, I’ll talk about acquiring an image from a flatbed scanner.

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